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Zerona Body Sculpting Photos

Zerona is now in Addison and ready to help you reach your fat loss goals. Why freeze fat and wait months for it to work? Coolsculpting (tm), cool sculpting, coolsculpting (tm) is over rated and it hurts!  Our patients right have lost up to 10" of fat from their bodies in as little as two weeks and as much as 20.5" of pure fat in 15 sessions! Without pain, down time, bruising, inflammation & WITHOUT being left with loose, or flabby skin! Diet & exercise cannot attain the results in two weeks that Zerona can. Wouldn't you rather work out every day to maintain your new figure, rather than become discouraged because the inches aren't coming off fast enough??? Zerona can do that for you. Don't forget to ask about our guarantee.

This patient was so excited about her results that she wanted to share. Aside from your arms, tummy, hips and thighs, Zerona can also help you shed fat from your neck and cheeks, bra line and it can even aid in breast reduction for both women and men and with cellulite. Yes, you read correctly, CELLULITE! Not only did this patient lose 20.5 inches of fat from her body, her skin tightened up as well, which is not possible with CoolSculpting (c). Yes, Zerona is capable of tightening your skin as it removes the fat from your body.

Better than Coolsculpting (tm) & better than lipo. Faster results.

This patient lost 20.5" in six weeks!

Zero discomfort. Zero risk. Fastest results.

She lost over twenty inches!

This is the results sheet for the above patient. We basically "reset" her body fat. No other treatment can do that for you without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Zerona is the most cost effective and only treatment that will tighten your skin while it reduces fat.  No other treatment can do that.  Not Coolsculpting (tm) and not lipo. Cool sculpting hurts and leaves your body buised and inflammed AND it takes three to five months to get full results. Lipo-suction is risky and also leaves your body swollen and takes several weeks to see full results. Zerona can give you results in as little as two weeks. Zero discomfort. Zero risk. Zero down time. Fastest results.

Some of you have thought about the lasting effects of Zerona. This particular patient came to us last year before Christmas and wanted a somewhat quick solution to losing some inches before the holiday season. She tried our laser treatments and was very pleased with the results. It has been a year since having the laser fat removal performed and she has not gained any weight back.

Zerona is faster & safer than Coolsculpting (tm) & lipo.

Zerona before

After six sessions and two weeks of Zerona.

Zerona after

She was so happy about her lasting results, she wanted to share some before and after photos of herself!

The following patient results were midway through her treatment package- after only two weeks and six sessions. What a dramatic improvement! After her 12th visit, her body looked completely different and with no loose skin. We tried to get her into the clinic for final photos, but she was so busy and happy that we could never wrangle her back in! No other device can get you these type of results in two weeks without pain, side effects, or downtime. Freezing your fat hurts and most often leaves your body uneven. We know this because we have had several Coolsculpting (c) patients come to us to help "even out" their bodies. Lipo-suction can leave your body with unsightly ripples, can be risky due to anesthesia and is so expensive. Both Coolsculpting (c) and lipo do not tighten your skin as you lose fat like Zerona does. You will be happy that you gave Zerona a try. We are right here in uptown & ready to take you on your transformation journey. Call today at (469) 466-2345.

Don't let finances get in the way of changing your body & changing your life. Imagine how much healthier you will be my removing unwanted & toxic fat from your body.

*Results vary from person to person.

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Make your commitment to lose weight count! Zerona will remove stubborn fat faster than diet and exercise, for about the cost of those expensive monthly supplements you take. Bonus: Zerona will also tighten your skin! We GUARANTEE results! Some patients have lost as much as 10" of pure fat in two weeks! Leave us your contact info and we will get back to you right away.

Please do not contact us unless you are ready to make a drastic difference in your appearance & your health. 

WARNING:  Zerona will cause you to purchase a new, smaller wardrobe.  


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What our customers are saying.

Thank you to a New You! I decided to get the Zerona after a noticeable gain in weight due to poor dieting and lack of exercise. I was embarrassed and worried of not getting the results I wanted. However, the staff there was extremely reassuring and very professional. They listened to my concerns made their suggestions and talked me through the entire process. Fast forward to the end of my treatment and my results only solidified my positive experience. I lost over three inches at the targeted areas! It was fast, easy, and beneficial! Thank you for making my experience so perfect!

Jacks M.

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