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Sciatica, numbness, tingling, burning & leg pain

Sciatica & what you should know

Have you experienced debilitating low back pain that extends down to your hip, or even your leg? Does it 'shoot' down, or does this intense ache start in your lower back and slowly spread downwards? However it feels, it is likely that you are suffering from a condition called sciatica.  Millions of Americans suffer sciatica as it is one of the top reasons for dr. visits & one of the main culprits for missed work!

You are probably thinking that you can take care of it by popping some pain meds and hunkering down in that recliner until it goes away.  Wrong!  Lack of activity/ motion only make things worse.  A chiropractor is a great place to start when you have sciatic "like" shooting pain, or associated symptoms like leg, or foot numbness, tingling, or weakness. 

Chiropractic care is covered under most insurance plans, whether private, Medicare, or Medicaid and you don't need a referral to be seen.  And, a visit to a chiropractor may save you a step.  Chiropractors can quickly identify if your concern needs to be elevated to the next level & if you need to pursue:

  • Imaging scans:  Getting an X-Ray, or MRI

  • Referral:  To a neurologist, or surgeon

Sciatica treatment doesn't have to be scary.

Motion is King when it comes to Chiropractic therapy

People often tell me "they don't know why, or how they hurt their back," says Dr. Garcia.  That's usually an obvious sign that muscular weakness, or muscular tightness is to blame, which is typical, given that many of us sit most of the day.  Muscle fibers can contract and spasm from both overuse and underuse.  This can lead to 'knots,' or 'trigger points' that can compress, or pinch the Sciatic nerve somewhere along the way.  Soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization can be beneficial in reducing tight, or stiff muscles.

Many chiropractors also perform physical rehabilitation in their facilities that will help to strengthen, stretch and increase your physical endurance while undergoing chiropractic treatment.

Big benefits, little risk to hands on Chiropractic treatment

In addition to saving you time and money in the form of extra co-pays, a chiropractor may also decrease your reliance on pain killers.  A study by 'The American College of Physicians' listed chiropractic care as a 'first line' defense for lower back pain.  Anti-inflammatory pain relievers and muscle relaxants are the second course of action for treating pain, with narcotics and injections taking a back seat. There are very little side effects, if any to chiropractic care.  Medications, on the other hand, have multiple side effects, especially with prolonged use, AND interactions with other medications are a HUGE concern.

If you feel like you may be suffering from Sciatica like symptoms, please give your chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Garcia a chance to 'set you straight.' Treatment is fast and convenient with your schedule.  Stop living with Sciatica and give us a call, today.  (469) 466-2345

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