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Welcome to your chiropractor: Dr. Daniel Garcia

Veteran & locally owned and we thank you for your support! Dr. Daniel Garcia is a chiropractor and proud veteran with over 16 years of experience and thousands of happy patients, He is the only chiropractor in our area with a facility offering chiropractic care, functional medicine, physiotherapy, anti-aging services, and laser body sculpting for truly balanced health and wellness. From your very first visit, you will see why Dr. Garcia is different from other chiropractors and can get you better, faster. 

Chain chiropractic franchises like The Joint (tm) & 100% Chiropractic (tm) ​are only concerned with seeing as many patients as they possibly can, which can mean up to 100 patients a day! What does that mean for you? It means spending five minutes, or less with a chiropractor that you want to pay full attention to your pain and your condition. It means diminished care for all of the patients that choose those types of facilities. Who wants that?

What do we offer you? We offer personalized care & attention to detail. We won't run you off in five minutes, or less and expect you to come back 60 + times a year like they do. You deserve better than that! We will give you a massage, or other therapies that are used to reduce muscle spasm and tension because we know that it is important to treat both the subluxation and muscle spasm for more complete care. Plus, we know that it makes you feel much better and relaxed after each visit. All in a relaxing zen environment. 


Wondering if chiropractic care is right for you? Chiropractic is for every "body." Consultations with Dr. Garcia are always free and he looks forward to guiding you and your family to a healthier future. We know you use your hard earned money to pay for health insurance & we want you to know that we accept most health insurance for your treatment. We don't push extended treatment plans that cost thousands of dollars of your hard earned money and often times we can get you back on track & feeling great in 12 visits, or less. Use your insurance & pay only your co-pay out of pocket, or enjoy our fair and affordable cash prices. We can help to:

  • Eliminate pain and improve function through true corrective adjusting

  • Improve posture & improve strength

  • Ease muscle spasm and trigger points through massage & other therapies

  • Stabilize joints and increase strength to decrease misalignments

Have you been searching for an effective, gentle chiropractor? Your search is over. Our chiropractor has over 60 five star reviews & practices safe, gentle and truly corrective adjusting. Call us, or even text us at (469) 466-2345 with any questions that you may have. Live, or work in the Addison area? Give us a call for a tour of our facility and get to know our staff.

Your search for a chiropractor, natural health expert & weight loss service in the 75254 is over.  Let's start you on your journey to better health & no more pain!

Dr. Daniel Garcia

 Chiropractor & Veteran | 469-466-2345

5000 Quorum Dr, Suite 148, Addison TX. 75254 

Zerona is better than Cool sculpting, lipo  & tummy tuck.

Look Great, Feel Great

Here at A New You, we also offer services like functional medicine, IV infusion, skin care and laser body sculpting to not only make you look great, but feel great as well.  Don't be fooled.  You don't have to break the bank to get the youthful, slimmer appearance you have been wanting.  We keep our prices affordable for everyone to have access to quality care, but we offer only the best and safest treatments available. 

Chiropractor & veteran

With over 60 five star reviews, our chiropractor has been practicing for over 16 years and is passionate about being able to offer you a unique facility where you can get all of the services you need to take your health to a whole new level.  No other place offers all of the services we do in one location. Period. 

Chiropractic, functional medicine,  chemical peels, microdermabrasion & laser fat loss.

Send us a text message for more convenient scheduling!

(469) 466-2345

Sooo...the entire right side of my body was in pain and very stiff from sleeping wrong. I got an adjustment from Dr. Garcia and now my pain is completely gone!!! Thanks A New You! Highly recommend a full body massage and adjustment for tension and pain relief!!"

Jane S.

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